HS (no, I don’t mean High School)

I’m working on a paper on the Holy Spirit right now, so my heart perks up everytime I hear/read something about the Holy Spirit. I love the Trinity so much, meaning, I love God so much!

“One bit of Bible prayed over, and bedewed with the Spirit, and made alive, though it be only a short sentence of six words, will profit you more than a hundred chapters without the Spirit.” -Charles Spurgeon

My own promise bits this semester are “Courage” and “Fear Not”. The Holy Spirit is definitely giving them traction in my life. Where specifically?? Well, I just finished writing a community board posting about it for one of my classes. I share how I received another promise bit today. Here it is:

“It is no coincidence that the question today is about struggles. Just this morning I approached an older, wiser friend and said, “I am paralyzed with fear when approaching my end-of-semester papers. I’m desperate for any advice you have.” Although it does seem trivial, it is a struggle I’ve had since my college days. My assigned papers cloud my spiritual windshield and weigh on me throughout my days, making it harder and harder to write.

But this morning, I left my friend feeling like a rock star. She fiercely counseled me; she actually gave me the “Bible bit” that Powlison speaks of and I felt so empowered! It’s the story in Numbers 13 and 14 of the spies who were afraid, and did not believe the Lord could help them overtake the tribes occupying Canaan. I am like those spies saying, “I can’t do it, I cannot enter the land because it’s too scary, and I’ll surely crumble.” But God calls me to be faithful like Caleb, Joshua, Moses, and ultimately like Jesus. Jesus requires me to trust confidently in Him (as He trusted in the Father), and to take the next step in the writing process. It is not only a matter of trusting, but of having OBEDIENT faith. I will not be like the spies, by God’s grace, I will obey and take out my computer and face the blinking cursor. Now I see that this fear struggle is of utmost importance to God, even more so than the papers I end up writing.”


3 thoughts on “HS (no, I don’t mean High School)

  1. As a small child we learn to walk by taking one step at a time. When I have an impossible task I am encouraged to take one step (be it small), then another, and another. Before long the difficult job is done! “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

  2. Thank you for sharing this. My dad (your Pop Pop) shared that very verse he quoted with me when I was in high school before a piano recital at my boarding school, when I was very nervous. I don’t even remember how I did on the recital (aka THE paper) but I remember my dad’s encouraging words! You are learning SO much about trusting the HS…can’t wait to learn more about what you are learning.

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