Zumba Ready

I’m ready to instruct some zumba classes! I made 12 calls yesterday to various places (gyms, community centers, dance studios, clubs, etc). This next week will be about going to gyms and convincing people even though I have NO EXPERIENCE teaching zumba, that I’m awesome and that they want me to teach zumba in their facility. Convincing them that I’m humble, AND awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

Prayers for places to take a chance on me would be greatly appreciated. It’s such a relief to know that God’s working on the ground level with this. Thankful.


8 thoughts on “Zumba Ready

  1. Any place would be lucky to have you on staff as a Zumba instructor. Word will spread like wildfire once the first fish bites, I just know it! Praying for a bite!

  2. I agree with Lauren and you already have a venue at my hospital, but I’m praying something opens up where you are now! Can’t wait to zumba again with you really soon!

  3. Does anyone know in round numbers how many calories the you use in an average zumba session , say 5 mins. I am attempting to develop a weight loss program based around Zumba

  4. Gyms would have to be craaaazay not to take lisbeth castelli! You are going to make such an energetic, enthusiastic, rhythmic zumba instructor, I can’t waaaait to take one of your classes! ๐Ÿ™‚ Praying! xo, Jess B

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