The New Abode

Time for some photos of my new place!  I’m not sure how long I’ll be here (at least the year), but I’ll enjoy it for as long as God has me here.  I took some pics during our Autmnal Housewarming Party…hence all the baked goodies.  It’s a little sparse, but we’re hoping to collect treasures over time.

First up, the massive tree that fell down during Hurricane Irene literally yards away from our house:

uprooted tree in the yard behind us
fortunately, it only fell across yards and fences, not on people or houses
still hasn't been removed yet
it's a jungle out there
our microscopic backyard was kept safe
Front of our lil' house (pic from before we moved in)
thanks to Papa and Mama Castelli for amazing table and tablecloth
Anne's pumpkin lil' bites
My clove oranges...makes for the most perfect autumnal fragrance
Now to the living room
Shanna and Joey's OG bookshelf put to good use
love this retro typewriter
window succulent
this space is a work in progress
Anne's amazing photos
front door curtain from Tanzania
Josiah's Photo
found this lil' treasure on the side of the road
a window into another world
looking out of the kitchen
crazy cool ceiling pattern in the dining room
another Anne creation
heading upstairs
ancient mustard-colored light fixture in stairwell
My room!..still in progress
My courageous corner
From my Daddy...(both my earthly and heavenly Daddy)
pics for the photo board coming soon
a special umbrella
looking for a tall, think bookshelf for under the painting
desk and faux closet
virtually no closet space so I had to improvise (homage to Rachel Go)
more improvising
splashes of red here and there
window looking out on the field
Many thanks to Ellie Grigsby who in essence, is my design consultant

8 thoughts on “The New Abode

  1. I love what you’ve done with the place!! I can picture where everything is, but it all looks so lovely!! Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to visit again!

  2. Thanks for this tour of your home! Favorite aspects: a few key pieces from 319 I see reimagined in this new space; the surprise of wood floors–I miss having them myself; your small space creativity with the closet-action (you should submit a photo of that to HGTV or…they’d eat that up!); your downstairs and bedroom pillows – – so shabby sheik; the fact that the typewriter is a centerpiece of your livingroom instead of the electronic form of the plague (TV); a small but sacred backyard; baked goods! (to name a few)

  3. I kind of wish you could put these on FB (but understand you may not want to) so we could comment under each picture! Lauren’s comments inspired me to want to be more specific in my remarks. Just noticed the tea kettle was over an open flame, which I hadn’t seen before. You make it look so cozy and welcoming! Looking forward to a spot of tea with you soon!

  4. Love your favorite aspects Lauren…yes wooden floors and especially unevenness of the floors is extra lovely. Thanks for the affirmation!

    Mamma, I hope to put ’em on facebook at some point, but lately I’m less drawn to facebook and more to my blog. Maybe because fb feels like this huge vacuum, whereas my blog feels a little more intimate and like I’m connecting to my beloveds. I do realize my blog is public, but its mostly only friends and family who read it. We’ll have tea soon Mamma, first at home and then back at my place!! xo

  5. Such a lovely place to live in dear Lisbeth! So glad that tree did not harm you. I so appreciated your homage =) You are a pro at improv! Thanks for sharing these wish I could come visit and sit down for some wonderful conversation. Love you and miss you so! I look forward to park bench dates on our OG boardwalk as well =)

  6. PLEASE come visit for some lovely conversation, Rach. You are welcome any time!! Love you so much. Indeed, after you come here, we’ll drive the 1 hourish drive to OG and have some boardwalk bench time. xo

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