The Cosmic Battle

I’m reading Creation Regained: Biblical Basics for a Reformational Worldview by Albert M. Wolters.  Here’s a great illustration about where we are in the Kingdom of God at present.  I hope you won’t be turned off by the war analogy…there’s a great amount of battle imagery in Scripture and this alludes to it:

“…two sovereigns who contend for the same territory and who lead two opposing armies into the field.  Each army owes allegiance to one of the sovereigns.  The territory in dispute, the creation of God, has been invaded by God’s adversary, Satan, who now holds creation as an occupied territory with military force.  In Jesus Christ God launches a counteroffensive to reclaim his rightful domain.  By the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ the victory has in principle been achieved.  God has established a beachhead in creation and has staked out his claim for the whole.  We now live in the period between the decisive battle, won by Christ, and the definitive establishment of his sovereignty over all of his territories.  The warfare that still rages between the soldiers of Christ and the agents of Satan has the character of a mop-up operation…”


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