Glenside Things

I’m in this new phase of life as a seminary student…verbal snapshots of this “new life”:

-pink/coral couch

-tea in an old wheaton “stupe” tumbler brought to class

-sump pump noises

-chapel group reading “Life Together” by D. Bonhoeffer

-2 parking options

-my seminary buddy- Anne!

-discovering the “notebook layout” on word with audio recording changed my note-taking life forever

-precious morning Jesus times

-pomegranates, hard work but worth it

-which church?

-reading words, reading amazing words in amazing books

-making new friends on facebook and in real life

-hand washing dishes

-Proverbs 29:25

-practice zumba routine, practice, practice

-missing my parents


3 thoughts on “Glenside Things

  1. Miss you, too, Lisby, but you’re where you belong this season. I love your autumn blog, too, with all it’s warm and cozy imagery and verbals. Thanks for the bullet list above. Definitely gives neat snapshots of your daily life and thoughts.

  2. I love how this entry has verbal snap shots and Autumn Affections has visual snap shots! I can picture where many of these verbal pictures are happening. The last one took my breath away! You must know we miss you…the nest is way too empty…yet we rejoice that all those Glenside things are going on and that you are treasuring the little moments that make up your new life!

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