The Old Testament

It is good to be studying the Old Testament in-depth.  In a book I’m reading for my Biblical Theology class, the author speaks of how helpful it is for Christians to look at the Bible of their founder (Jesus!) as it probably appeared to him: the Hebrew canon.  And I like this quote from Bonhoeffer: “I don’t think it is Christian to want to get to the New Testament too soon and too directly.”  I am so guilty of rushing to the synoptic gospels, or to a Pauline epistle.  And if I do spend much time in the OT, I prefer the Psalms that appeal to my strong emotional-side.  Now it’s time to get into “the depths of riches in this treasure-house” of the Old Testament.


4 thoughts on “The Old Testament

  1. Now you’re talkin’…about the only Bible our Lord and the disciples read, reread, preached, and interpreted for the people. I looooovvve the 1-2s: Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles. They show us so much how rebellious we are and how much God wants us to be in relationship to Him.

  2. Mmm…indeed! It’s so amazing to see how people like David foreshadow Jesus. Jesus is the one who says he’ll fight for us, goes out alone before the evil one without the great swords and weapons that we expect, and defeats the giant…and then we’re supposed to rush forth and continue in the good fight. It’s so moving to see the mega-narrative!

  3. I look forward to hear what you are learning from the First Testament…(remember that’s what your prof at Wheaton called it). Are you going to learn Hebrew, too? 🙂
    I have to tell you what I saw at my hospital last week…sitting on a sofa in the hallway was an Hasidic Jewish man with a large book on his lap that had HEBREW writing on it–I am guessing it was scripture…he had one of the large hats on, and long black robe. He was sitting as if reading with his hands on the book, but I think he was asleep, though I guess it’s possible he was praying. My heart went out to him and I pray that he will AWAKE and see that every story in that First Testament whispers HIS name…Yeshua!

  4. Amen!! Sounds like a sweet man…I will pray that his eyes and ears open too. And to answer your question, no I won’t be studying Hebrew. Which is okay by me, since I already have my hands full studying the Bible in english! 🙂 But maybe one day…Hebrew and French are on my bucket list.

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