A Longing

A longing for L’Abri has arrested me today.  Several various connections to L’Abri have snowballed at once.  One being that my professor of two classes, William Edgar, became a Christian at L’Abri in the 60’s and met Edith and Francis Schaeffer.  Edith was the one who picked up the phone when Edgar called and he asked if he could stay overnight, “Nonsense,” she said, “You’ll stay for the weekend.”  It was during a walk with Francis the first morning after he arrived that he made the decision to follow Christ, and he literally felt the Holy Spirit fill him up.  Edgar ended up staying there and studying for the entire summer.  Of course I had to speak to him about my love for L’Abri after class.  He said that Francis was a gentle man, but yet suffering was written across his face.  A lovely paradox.

The second thing is that a girl who has just arrived at L’Abri for the Fall 2011 term, stumbled across my blog and wanted to ask me a few questions about L’Abri life.  I was more than happy to oblige, and now that she’s at L’Abri, she’s blogging about her adventures.  Today she wrote of how they put on a futuristic-robot party for her birthday, dressing up in tin-foil and graying their hair because in the future, they’ll be grandparents!  Reading of it made my heart ache for the creative, Christ-filled community.

And last, my chapel prayer group at WTS is going to read Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  I read that during my study time at L’Abri.  I read it in those big comfy chairs in the basement of Farel House.  Snuggled up in a blanket next to the windows that let cold air through to chill my bones.

Ah, a remembrance of blessed days.  And yet I’m grateful to have moved forward, going to seminary.  Already I am relishing studying the Bible, books by beloved authors, and learning wise counsel.  And who knows, perhaps after seminary, it’ll be time to go back to L’Abri.  I’m praying I’ll get back to those “Misty Mountains” someday.



3 thoughts on “A Longing

  1. How lovely that you can weave memories of your L’Abri with those of others and those who are there in real time. God often brings our experiences full circle, such as when I was at L’Abri in 1969 and heard Francis Schaeffer’s lecture on Don Juan and then how you were there last year and listened to the very same lecture from on audio-tape. I hope you’ll be able to return one day for a new L’Abri experience, or maybe one through the eyes of your children! 🙂

  2. What a beautifully written and felt commentary of how God has woven together L’Abri connectedness in your life. Enjoy the coming of fall just as you did in the Alps. You’ll have to draw some mountains on your windows or something.

  3. Yes, Mamma, and I want to get you and Dad there someday too (you for your 2nd time). And Dad, that’s true, I hadn’t thought about my last fall being in the Alps. I’ll remember it with such joy and fondness.

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