“I’m” Statements

I’m seeing that more and more, my feelings for the majority of the time are unreliable.

I’m really frustrated that Comcast continues to make things as difficult as possible.

I’m really going to study Biblical Counseling?!?!…… what a gift; it feels similar to theater in that it’s really all about living life.

I’m excited about being in an old house with character and yet, I’m already cold and it’s only September.

I’m actually looking forward to writing papers.

I’m thinking that Ruth is my new favorite OT book.  Love Boaz.  And Ruth. AND Naomi.

I’m practicing a zumba routine, but I’m nervous that I’ll never actually get to teach a class.  Determined.

I’m thinking that having a cat right now would be really comforting.

I’m also thinking that my apartment-mate is allergic to cats.

I’m quickly trying to finish “How To Read A Book” before classes start!

I’m signing off.  It’s good to keep in touch with you beloveds….don’t be silent.


4 thoughts on ““I’m” Statements

  1. I’m really missing you right now.

    I’m very excited for all that you are learning already even through difficulties.

    I’m totally convinced you WILL teach Zumba!

    I’m very fond of the story of Ruth…but maybe second to the story of Esther! Leah is also an amazing woman–especially seen through the eyes of the Jesus Storybook Bible!

    I’m quite sure you’ll have another cat one day. 🙂

  2. Aw, Marmie. Thanks for the encouragement! That’s definitely one of your many spiritual gifts. And you’re right about Leah…I love how it talks about her being a princess in the Jesus Storybook Bible!

  3. So I was reading through your last couple blog posts (yeah internet is super expensive and super time sucking…) and I see you’re reading the How to Read a Book book! That was the first book I read here! Isn’t it fabulous?! I really wish I’d read it before college, because I feel I would’ve gotten MUCH more out of my education…lol. Good for you to read it before grad school. 🙂 Best of luck starting the semester!

  4. Thanks for reading Leigh! I’ve loved keeping up with your blog and in fact, reading your last post has inspired me to write a “missing L’Abri” post…coming later today. Yes, I actually first heard of “How To Read a Book” from someone who read it at L’Abri, but didn’t have time to get to it there. And once I got home, I bought it but put it off for a while. I wish I had finished it before classes started (I’m rushing through the 3rd stage-analytical now), but it has been helpful so far. Thanks for reading and for continuing on your blog. The only person from your picture I know is Katrina. And I love that they had the robot party for you…that’s so L’Abri. So lovely. Keep enjoying it all…it’s such a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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