Not Just Your Ordinary Pen

So, I have this pen that I extra special like.  It’s one of my handy Pilot G-2 07’s.  Blue.  “Clickers”.  I like them in general because they better my handwriting.  It’s like a costume for an actor- it changes the performance.

Anyway, so I like this one extra special because every time I click it “on”, it resists me a little.  Once the tip makes it out, it works fine.  But when I click it again, when I’ve flourished my last letter, it still struggles.  It struggles because this pen was my beach pen.  I used it to underline as I read beloved books.  It was the pen that hung out at the bottom of my straw beach bag, only to be used for beach reading.  Over the course of the summer, it acquired little grains of sand in its pen body.  There probably was plenty accumulated sand keeping it company in my bag.  I know I dropped it in the sand a couple of times too…absentmindedly picking it up, giving it an unthorough swipe, and then back to my book.

Now that I’m home, now that I’m gone from the beach, this little pen has grown in my estimation.  It’s distinct from the other Pilots.  It was my companion in a lovely time.  It will be going with me to school now.  I just hope that those little grains of sand remain inside it, at least until I can get back to the place that smells like salt, sounds like seagulls, and feels like heaven.


2 thoughts on “Not Just Your Ordinary Pen

  1. Lisbeth, you have a gift. You made me tear up while reading about a special pen. I might need to use this as a writing sample with my students. Ah, the power of figurative language and carefully chosen words…. Brava.

    1. Lauren, this is another thing I forgot to mention in our phone conversation today…comments like this one that you write, floor me. It makes me feel like a million bucks. I couldn’t feel more honored if it were Toni Morrison or Flaubert applauding me. Truly, it is because you yourself are a brilliant writer that your praise means more to me than most any other earthly thing. So from my heart, thank you sister…for reading and commenting. I await that book(s) of yours that you will write someday with great anticipation.

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