Is There Anybody Out There

I found out this weekend that more beloved people read my blog than I thought, so I feel re-invigorated to keep up with it.  Thanks for reading y’all.  Feel free to comment….or not to.  🙂  I was speaking to Liz of “How to Liz” (see “linkages” on the left) and she expressed how much it blesses her to hear specific feedback.  I concur.  It’s affirming to know that the words I write don’t just float out there in the dark, cold cyberspace.  They land sometimes.  Hopefully the majority of them on warm, inviting shores.

I don’t usually post prayer requests, but here’s a couple for the road.  I could use prayers for my upcoming housing situation.  Things are in process, but it’s a little sticky and the defiant details want to stay tangled up.  I’d like to go the way of trust in this, as Brennan Manning says,”The way of trust is a movement into obscurity, into the undefined, into ambiguity, not some predetermined, clearly defined and delineated plan for the future.” -Ruthless Trust

Another one is for Godspell and our final weeks before opening night.  We’re all a’buzz here in OG.  A’buzz with life, but sometimes I fear that life can be forgotten as tasks fill up our windshields and our vision gets blocked.  I pray for increased vision and moments of stillness with my God amidst the twitter.

Thank you, friends.  I value you individually and collectively.


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