Gives Me Chills

I’m on another break from some intense abnormal psychology homework.  I feel like I’m running on empty.  It’s ironic because I’m studying stressors and stress management plans (relaxation techniques, exercise, cognitive restructuring); and yet I feel so stressed as I’m learning how to not be stressed.  Ah well, a deadline looms ahead.  And with the deadline will come relief.

Here’s something to distract myself and you from the stressors we’re facing.  It gives me chills.  You should watch it.  Then watch the documentary here.  And then re-watch it.


2 thoughts on “Gives Me Chills

  1. Watched it all – – what a moving piece. It actually brought me to tears at the end. So inspiring to see people mixing media like this; and to following the lead of their creative muscle. A great send-off before leaving for TZ!

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