Jerry Seinfeld

In an effort to boost his internet presence, Jerry Seinfeld released his personal archives online on May 9th.  The website features 3 different clips a day.  Check ’em out to add a couple extra laughs to your busy days.  If you happen to read this today, my personal favorite is the 3rd one called “Men Like Watching Men Working on Things”.  I also like what Jerry says about the site:

When I was ten years old, I started watching
stand up comedians on TV.

I fell in love with them and I’m just as fascinated
with stand up comedy today.

When I started doing TV, I saved every appearance
on every show I did.

I thought it might be fun to go through all of it
and pick out three bits each day that still
amuse me for some reason or another.

I’ve also included stuff I’m doing now, and I’ll be
adding new stuff as I go.

Somewhere out there are ten year olds like I was
just waiting to get hooked on this strange pursuit.

This is for them.
I’m just hoping somehow it will keep this silliness going.



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