Coffee Tawk

I’m stopping coffee.  No, really, this time I am.  I’m not saying it’ll be for forever, but for a SEASON, I’m definitely stopping coffee.  Stopping it from jumpstarting my system in the morning (I’m battling the urge to write of my splendid morning coffee routine…it would only be me relishing and holding on to it when I need to let it go).

I can’t remember the last time I successfully resisted the temptation of coffee.  But today I did.  Why is this time different from all others?  My acid reflux has been kickin’ up dirt again, and it feels like a baseball lodged itself into my chest.  In an effort to stop the hammering at my heart every bite/sip I take, I’m swearing off coffee for a while.  I anticipated a debilitating headache, an avalanche to hit me, but it was more like a couple of rolling boulders–not as bad as I thought.  Two ibuprofen and a good ol’ fashioned nap did the trickery.  I’m curious to see how it goes tomorrow.  Muscles are always twice as sore on the second day; I wonder if caffeine works the same way.  Does it count that I’m supplementing my morning soothing hot drink with tea?  I mean, come on, tea is like water compared to coffee, right?  It IS water.  Hot and with a tea bag thrown in.

So long my fair-weather friend…


3 thoughts on “Coffee Tawk

  1. a cup of tea has about 50mg caffeine, compared to a cup of joe’s 100-150mg. By comparison, a can of Coke has about 30. So, sorry to break the news to you sista, but you’re still in the methadone clinic of caffeine addiction.

  2. Ah yes. I have been educated on caffeinated beverages since I posted this. So, I was doing black chai tea and had no headaches. Then the next day I tried chamomile and I got an awful migraine. Came to find out that black tea is 50%, green tea is 30%, and chamomile has no caffeine (hence the killer headache). So, I’m still on chai, but I’ll be working my way to green tea next, and the goal is chamomile. 🙂 Now, the next question I pose to you Ben (the master of trivia and facts of all kinds) is what’s the difference in acidity between coffee and tea? That I do not know. But I DO know my chest pain has been assuaged since I swore off coffee…the sacrifice is worth it!

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