He’s Making Everything Sad Come Untrue

“Only one person said her name like that…..”

The Jesus Storybook Bible is a powerful piece of writing.  If you haven’t experienced it yet, it is not for children.  Excuse me, it’s not ONLY for children.  It’s for all ages and all people.  Two summers ago, when I was living and working in Ocean Grove, I remember reading one chapter a day for my devotions.  I learned more then about Jesus’ imprint throughout history, than in any other Bible study!  Please check out the website and order a copy, or simply familiarize yourself with Sally-Lloyd Jones’ work.  Watch this great Easter visual/audio rendition.  David Suchet’s voice is just so perfect.


2 thoughts on “He’s Making Everything Sad Come Untrue

  1. Such a fresh view of the Easter story!! I agree, it’s the best children’s Bible-for-adults I’ve ever seen!!

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