The Day Between

I heard on the radio that one of the many names for the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter is “Silent Saturday”.  I had heard of “Holy Saturday”, but never “Silent Saturday”, and I instantly loved the idea of practicing silence on that day.  In my quick, insufficient internet search (which basically ended up being Wikipedia and a couple old blog posts) I didn’t find many accounts or comments of people actually reserving that day for silence.  But the general theme I found was that Silent Saturday is about rest and reflection, as that was the day our Lord rested in the tomb.  And it is also a reminder to us that we’re currently living in a “Silent Saturday”, between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  The crucifixion has passed, but the final victory is still ahead of us.  My Dad brought my attention to this poem, and I wanted to share it with you.  Thanks Dad.

The Day Between by Ruth Bell Graham

That was the Day Between
the Night Before–
The blood
still wet upon the hill; 
His body
and still;
the great stone sealed
with Roman seal
and guarded well.
Many a Judean home 
had now become
a lesser tomb
within whose walls
men lay,
whose Life had died
That Day.
Looking back
we cannot share
their black
For us
He is the risen Christ,
as He had said:
for them, that Shabbat,
all life died–
for He was dead.
That was the Day Between the Night Before.
This is my Day Between, my Night Before…
in this interim–
let me be still,
let me adore,
let me remember

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