My Sistah

This post is two days late.  But I wouldn’t be a Castelli if it wasn’t.  Happy Birthday Lauren.  My one and only sistah.  What a beautiful day that March 19th was.  A day I wasn’t there for (I was running a little late).  But one that was beautiful just the same because that’s when the BEST person came into this world.  She writes like a star and her voice is honey.  When I’m in need, her voice makes me cry as soon as I hear it…it’s so familiar, it’s almost my own.  She danced with me in the rain and then made me a book about it.  She’s a teacher.  Her students have the utmost respect for her and vie for her attention.  When you’ve got her ear, you feel like a million bucks.  She procrastinates, she likes her Starbucks.  She likes her dose of Glee.  She’s up to date.  She’s imperfectly perfect….And she LOVES.  She loves Mark, she loves her family, she loves her Lord.  She’s beautiful.  And here are some photos that have trapped moments of her in time.  Happy Birthday, Lauren.



4 thoughts on “My Sistah

  1. Wow, Lisbeth. This brought tears to my ears and blessing to my heart, especially after a long day of teaching and directing…. Thank you, dear sistah, for your words and images. What a birthday gift! (And you know me – – as long as I can spread out the birthday, the better!)

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