First of all, it’s raining

and that tickles me pink.

Second of all, I want to share something a friend sent to me in response to yesterday’s post.  It’s from a message by Bonnie McMaken:

“Lent is all about weakness. It’s about walking with Christ, remaining in Him as He enters the desert for testing. We, too, experience this testing, this “desert-ness,” as we relinquish control of some of the trappings that bind our hearts from freely giving ourselves to Christ. This journey ultimately prepares us to meet Christ during the stark tragedy of His death, face our sinful role in this reality, and of course, celebrate the victory of Christ’s resurrection.

I encourage you to try it by giving something to Christ during these 40 days, whether it’s chocolate, TV, radio, Facebook, an attitude, or something much more basic. Give gladly, with the knowledge that Christ can take your frail sacrifice and cultivate your heart for growth and abundance.

So why observe Lent? To find out what chains you from stillness and remaining in Christ and to prepare the rocky soil of your heart for the death and resurrection of Jesus.”

Lord, accept my feeble offering. Holy Spirit, prepare my heart for what’s to come.


2 thoughts on “First of all, it’s raining

  1. The Lenten meditation is an appropriate challenge. So much of life and activities center around “me.” Albert Simpson wrote the worshipful hymn:
    “Not I, but Christ be honored, loved, exalted; Not, I, but Christ be seen, be known, be heard….”

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