A Good Listener

“I have a friend who is a good listener.  If I tell her about some difficulty I’m having, I never get the feeling she is doing little more than waiting to say something supportive.  Her primary concern is not to put on a show of being a good listener, but rather it is as though my problem has become her problem in all respects.  She is intensely loyal and yet she doesn’t automatically criticize the one I may be blaming.  She has an instinct for knowing how much I love that person, and if I do she speaks gently because she is for me; by that I mean she wants for me what I want at the deepest level, and she knows when my anger is superficial.  However, if the person is not significant to my life, her criticism so devours him that by the time she is through I can laugh at my foolishness for having exaggerated his importance.” -Hugh Prather

And they can be silent with you…there’s no need to fill up silence with empty words.  And they HAVE to look like this woman: staring off slightly to the right, wearing fashionable earphones, and of course a listening-recording device is always handy.  Most definitely.


One thought on “A Good Listener

  1. Everytime I see this photo, it makes me smile. But I especially like that you are and are continuing to be a good listener!

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