“The Shelter” Photography

I think it’s high time to introduce y’all to L’Abri.  Visually, that is.  I want you to see some of the places and people with whom I spend hours upon hours of my days.  Swiss L’Abri is like none other, as you can see…

Starting with one of the bathrooms.  Note a bizarre black mark on the right wall.

The black mark:

My bedroom at Chalet Bellevue.  The top bunk is mine (bed’s made, Mama)!  There’s another set of beds to the left.

The view from my room.

A strange hummingbird thing that hangs out by our flower box…(the boys are convinced it’s a moth)

LORD OF THE RINGS NIGHT!!! I’m Sam with Frodo to my left, and Merry and Pippin to my right.

Smeagol showed up.  Or is it Gollum?  Or is it P.O.???

Alex and I.

I take this little gravel path from Bellevue to Farel House everyday.  Farel House is where we study.

The view as I walk.  You can see the top of Farel House below.

The bottom floor of Farel.  Study away, my friends!

I’m equipped for a good 3 and a half hours of study before me.

On another day…

And now, a couple friend pics.  Alex (my boyfriend!) and Seth chilling on a balcony at Bellevue.

Will, Alex, and Seth in awe of the mountains.  Ah, brotherhood.

My beloved Emma.  FFE (friend for eternity).

A group of us at Montreax.  Lake Geneva’s behind us.  And yes, I did swim in it.  For 0.58 seconds.

Some fun with an umbrella…I’m about to go out for one of my rain walks.

…what a glorious feeling, I’m happy again…

Love and miss you all. xo


9 thoughts on ““The Shelter” Photography

  1. Oh wow. Ellen shot me the link, and I was like, ok, that’s great, whatevs, then I saw the picture from the balcony. That’s ridonkulous.

  2. I love the photos…now I can really see you there. What a unique experience you have found! I am so happy for you!
    With love,

  3. Thanks Lovie! Gollum went all out! haha. That is so neat that your Pop pop went! Was he just in Switzerland or did he go to L’Abri as well?

    1. Gollum did go all out. He even did a Smeagol to Gollum monologue which was quite convincingly scary.
      As for Pop pop, he did go to Labri with the rest of the fam (including my mom!) for one night. They even heard Francis Schaeffer give a lecture. And so when I first arrived at Labri, I went looking through the archives and found the EXACT lecture that they had heard that night. That was surreal. And awesome to hear the audience laughing and trying to pick out my moms laugh! 🙂

      1. Awww…you are such a woman to search for that lecture and then try to hear my laugh…that is surreal! I’ve never forgotten that lecture about Don Juan and the biblical call for one man and one woman!!

  4. I officially really miss the Alps. Your pictures are gorgeous, and I keep thinking “Oh man, I haven’t talked to Lisbeth in a while. I should call her. Oh wait…” I’m so glad that you’re having such a good time, and I pray that you’re learning lots, and I’m looking forward to seeing you again sometime (and perhaps meeting this special boy of yours. A wedding might be a convenient occasion, so you should be keeping July 16th open (-; )

    1. Kelly, is that really true? How wonderful!! If you want to be my FB friend you can see the photos I posted of you two from that day in OG!

  5. Yes, it’s really true! I’m pretty psyched about it 🙂 And I’m also really glad that we got to see you in OG again this summer. It just wouldn’t have been truly summer without a Castelli OG experience

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