L’Abri’s Around the Riverbend

These are my first blog “inkdrops” as it were.  It seems like a big-to-do moment, and yet also anticlimactic.  I journey forth with the wise words of Lauren Lanker ringing in my ears, “Be unimpressive in your first blog.  That way expectations are set low and you can only go up from there.”  Sounds GREAT to me.

Now some of you may be asking, “What is L’Abri?”  Well for you inquisitive ones, L’Abri (which means “shelter” in French) is a complex animal and difficult to sum up.  To help color in between the lines, feel free to browse through the website.  They call it an international study center/residential community.  I, rather, like to call it a Christian commune.  Sometimes.

I hear others of you asking, “But Lisbeth, what will you be DOING there?!?!  Is it a retreat center or a missions trip conference or…???”  And I say, “Nay!” back to you.  But good questions indeed.  I am a student at L’Abri for the Fall Term 2010.  My day will be separated into 2 chunks: morning and afternoon.  Depending on my particular schedule, I will study during one of those times and do physical work during the other.  I will get to navigate through my studies with the help of a mentor.  I’ve drawn up a list of topics/questions I’m craving to learn more about through studying God’s Word and other resources available to me in the Schaeffer Library (I hear the libes has a wall made of glass looking out onto the Alps…daydreaming WILL happen).  The physical work could be anything from tending the garden, to cooking meals in the kitchen.  And then at dinner each evening, one person will toss a question out into the air for intentional discussion.  It’s a place for seekers; some are Christians old and new, some are not.  Although, the studying we’ll do is Christ-centered.

Oh and now you wonder how I am feeling about my impending trip at this very moment?? My feelings have been hop-skippering like mad across the emotive spectrum, all the way from terrified to electrified…..but I think this picture probably sums it up best:

Sort of a dazed, amazed look, with a dash of shock thrown in there.  But seriously folks, besides all the preparations one has to do before leaving (calling your phone co., credit card co., purchasing international health insurance and international travel insurance, and knocking off all those things that have been low-priority on your to-do list until you plan on leaving the country for 4 months), I am so stoked.  Awed as our cat above so aptly depicts.

A glimpse into Lisbeth’s packing list.  Some of the things I’m excited about bringing are:

  • Anne of Green Gables
  • Hiking boots
  • My new passport cover (courtesy of the now-married Rachel Go)
  • My new “Swiss” brand backpack (yes I WAS seduced by a brand-name)
  • A thick, ringed journal to house the many lessons learned
  • My large Student Study Bible

The Facts:

  • I leave Monday, August 23, 2010.  I return Friday, December 10, 2010.
  • I will travel for one week in October (they require the students to take a 10 day break).  Hoping to find some travel-mates willing to storm the gates of Paris and cross the waters of Venice with me.
  • L’Abri is located in Huemoz, Switzerland; a little unknown town so close to the Alps that you can almost touch them.

Contact Me:

This is a period where I’m semi-fasting from the hustle and bustle of technology.  I won’t have regular access to a computer or a cell phone= freedom, in a sense.  I will try to update this blog once every 2 weeks, at the very least.  But I most likely will not be able to return personal emails.  However, feel free to send them anyway!  Also, if you’re feeling a hankering back to old-fashioned days (I know I am) and approve of snail mail, feel free to write me at the postal address here.

In 24 hours, I’ll be sitting on an airplane, trying to find a comfortable sleeping position, only to find that the most decent one is for me to awkwardly lean my head on my neighbor’s shoulder.  Alright friends.  Goodbye for now from this side of the world.  I’ll write you from the other side!


3 thoughts on “L’Abri’s Around the Riverbend

  1. So excited for you dear friend! I love that you are bringing Anne of Green Gables–it’s been on my reading list for too long now..maybe I’ll get to them before you’re back! Also so excited that you get to use your passport cover! Woo hoO! Glad you bought into the name brand–when you’re going to the Swiss land you must have a Swiss brand of something to bring along =) haha.. Hope you enjoy that awkward sleeping position tonight on the plane–that made me laugh OUT LOUD. All my love! “Go! Go Away! Read Some bewks!” Love, Rach and Nick

  2. This was such fun to re-read two full years later…amazing how you started this blog on the eve before you left for L’Abri. That experience so profoundly influenced your life. I am so thankful that you record your thoughts, feelings, experiences, things that bring you joy, things that challenge you, amaze you, delight you!!

    1. Thanks Mama dear…thanks for being one of my biggest supporters. I feel God’s love for me and interest in me through your love and interest in me. Basically, you incarnate Christ to me and so many others. Love you!

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