No Self-Esteem? That’s good!

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To quote the humble Dr. David Powlison:

“In a nutshell: human beings are meant to find God, the One who is worthy of all esteem. It is God who is worthy. It is He who is to be loved and adored; it is He who is to be esteemed and honored. Even in the language we use, the notion of a self-esteem, a self-love, a self-worth–there’s something about that which is implicitly trying to assert about myself something that provides a foundation for righteousness, hope and identity; when we’re actually designed by God to find worship, identity, hope, and meaning in someone else…in the notion that self-esteem is the core, there’s implicitly the wrong God asserted at the foundation.”

-Theology and Secular Psychology class

I am in LOVE

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…with Groot! 

Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet? If not, get thee to a movie theater! Quick! Not only is the plot/dialogue/casting amazing, but the music and dancing throughout the film is quality. I had to share this lil’ gem of baby Groot dancing. There’s something about people dancing with no shame and utter abandonment that delights the soul!

A Hopeful Tomb

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Today I read Ezekiel 23- one long, shocking metaphor of two adulterous sisters (Samaria and Jerusalem). I was struggling to find the hope as I read of their continual lust and defilement. Iain Duguid helped me with this in his NIV Application Commentary:

“There is no message of hope in Ezekiel 23. The stone is rolled away to reveal the gaping mouth of the tomb, which is ready to swallow up defiled Jerusalem, just as it had earlier swallowed up defiled Samaria. But for those reading Ezekiel 23 from a NT perspective, the opened mouth of another tomb speaks a word of comfort even to those as defiled as Jerusalem. Because Christ has died in our place, and more than that has risen from the dead, there is now no condemnation for us who are in Christ Jesus! My death is swallowed up in his victory; my defilement is replaced by his purity, credited to my account. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I too have been washed, I have been justified, and I am being sanctified. What is more, this is true in spite of the sins that I continue to commit daily. Although I am unfaithful to my commitment to God and continue to sin against him regularly in thought, word, and deed, the gospel continue to be good news for me, a sinner.”

Amen! The gospel never gets old. The gospel continues to be good news for me, for us. Beloveds, let’s keep pondering in our hearts that open tomb which displays all our hope and salvation. 


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My boyfriend is, no doubt, a keeper. For one, he finds videos like this and sends them to me. Watch this for a smile and an “awwwwww.”

P.S. There are countless other reasons why I think I’ll keep him too. ;)


A Full Summer by the Sea

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Here’s an old advertisement from August 1908 for Ocean Grove!

I can’t get enough of OG and the sea.

Billie Jean Revamped

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Humans. Are. Awesome.

These. Two. Get. Back. Together. Please.

The Bad Stuff

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The truth that God uses ALL things for his good purposes (especially the seemingly bad stuff) enchants me. In Paul David Tripp’s mini booklet “Marriage: Whose Dream?” he challenges married couples on their view of blessings/trials, though this goes for all people, as everyone experiences both in the present age:

“[In 1 Peter 1:5-9] Peter’s telling us that “now” is about something much deeper than getting up in the morning with a smile, or romantic weekends, or fulfilling intimacy. Peter is teaching us that God is willing to compromise these seemingly essential aspects of marriage in order to produce something greater, fuller, and deeper in our lives: genuine faith…In the midst of trial, he is giving us the goal of our faith: the salvation of our souls. And what we need to learn to say in response is not “God, why me?” but “God, thank You. Give me more. I want everything that You know I need. I realize now that the struggle of this moment is not a mistake after all. It’s an act of Your perfect, redemptive love”…The blessings that God gives you in your family, in the husband and wife relationship, in your physical life, are meant to point to a deeper and fuller blessing: the actual presence of the Lord Jesus Christ in your life. He is life abundant–not your husband or wife, your house, or your children. Jesus Christ is ours, and we are his.”